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On October 1st 2011 Juliet joined the team at JAZZ FM 91, Canada’s     premiere jazz station, with her new week end morning show called:       
                                       ”SUNRISE “      
You can tune in and catch her every Saturday and Sunday morning from 
                                         6am - 9am 

                       www.jazz.fm / juliet@jazz.fm

                 NEW CD RELEASE   ‘C’EST SI BON’


The Shea Duo recently released the above CD (C’est Si Bon) and it is available right here on their site.  C L I C K   H E R E  to purchase.

Listen to a sample from this CD...

 La Petite Tonkinoise 
 C’est si bon
 Sur les quais du vieux Paris
 For me, for me, Formidable

CLICK HERE (On the play icon) to listen


Peter Shea and  Juliet Dunn
Juliet and Peter have been performing together as a duo ever since the year 2007.  Their sound is a cocktail of jazz, pop, and soul with your favorite standards, and original arrangements and compositions.  

They are based in the Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada, and are often found performing overseas.  

The Shea D Duo are currently performing in and around the Niagara Region and most recently return from performing in French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia and Asia.  Prior to that they spent 5 months performing across Asia, The Middle East, and Europe.

                To view their travels click here:  ‘Shea D Duo World Tour’
                *** NEWS  ***
      Find Juliet Dunn on the cover of Niagara Life Magazine.
                                           CLICK HERE for the full story

          Story by:  Melinda Cheevers / Photo:  David Haskell Photography / Clothing:  Lousje & Bean / Make up:  Valvana